Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Doctor's Office

"I am sorry," said the receptionist, tugging at her teddy bear scrubs, "but Dr. Crawford is running a bit behind."

Superman sighed. Really, for him to wait, how ridiculous - he had to save the world! Okay, maybe he did not have to save the world right now, but think of it. Now, right now, why any sort of old woman could be getting mugged. Or worse! Perhaps a group of young co-eds were going to get into a car and drive... drunk. Of course none of those problems were of concern to Superman. He had to save the world. Not right now, but, hey, you never know.

Superman sighed again. He forced himself into the waiting room chair. The pattern, which looked designed to cover up dirt, did not seem to be doing its job very well. Ever cautious, Superman reached into his pocket for his little bottle of Purell.

He wished he had brought a book, The Daily Planet, anything, as the wait got longer and longer. He crossed and re-crossed his legs innumerable times. Even using his X-Ray vision on the attractive receptionist with the teddy scrubs had grown old. For goodness sake! What could Dr. Crawford be up to?

The nurse cracked open the door to call in a patient, "Clarence."

Ahhh! By the time he got seen the world most certainly would have fallen into dire peril.

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