Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Über-Short Star Trek: Voyager Summaries - Season Two (Part One)

The 37's: So that is what happened to Amelia Earhart. Why wouldn't the crew know was gasoline is? No one stays on the beta earth, and Captain Janeway gets all choked up.

Initiations: None of the Bar Mitzvah's I went to were like this. Chakotay nearly gets killed again and again by a totally emo Kazon teen.

Projections: Descartes meets the Doctor. And the answer isn't quite "I think, therefore I am."

Elogium: Kes gets yellow goo on her hands and realizes she had to have a baby now or never. But she is just one (and how would we feel about that if teen mothers get us into an uproar). Some crazy space stuff is to blame. A crazy space slug- looking creature tries to mate with the ship.

Non Sequitur: Kim sees what the road not traveled is like when he get caught in an alternate time line in which he is still in what looks like present-day San Francisco plus one shuttle craft.

Twisted: Everyone gets lost and thinks they are going to die. The viewer knows better - this is just season two.

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